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9 TEXAS GUIDES ADVENTURE TEXOMA 56 Applecross Lane Pottsboro TX 75076 903 744-6169 JOHN BRETTS TEXOMA STRIPER GUIDE SERVICE 458 Fisherman Rd. Pottsboro TX 75076 903 786-9279 STEVES STRIPED BASS GUIDE SERVICE 225 Windsor Dr. Pottsboro TX 75076 903 818-2507 STRIPER EXPRESS FISHING GUIDES 512 Mill Creek Resort Rd. Boathouse 3 Pottsboro TX 75076 903 786-4477 STRIPER HUNTER GUIDE SERVICE 512 Mill Creek Resort Rd. Pottsboro TX 75076 972 816-6000 888 883-9662 LAKE TEXOMA ASSOCIATION FISHING GUIDES LISTING OKLAHOMA GUIDES ADVANTAGE GUIDE SERVICE Out of Alberta Creek-9040 Clear Lake Dr. Kingston OK 73439 580 564-3444 STRIPER COUNTRY GUIDE SERVICE Out of Alberta Creek- 9040 Clear Lake Dr. Kingston OK 73439 405 627-2250 . Lake Texoma Fishing License Requirements and Fee License Requirements A Lake Texoma license allows anglers to fish the entire lake without having to purchase a resident or nonresident license from Oklahoma or Texas. The Lake Texoma license costs 12.00 and is valid from January 1 to December 31. Fishing License issued in Oklahoma Oklahoma residents with an Oklahoma resident fishing license are not required to purchase Lake Texoma license if only fishing Oklahoma portion of the lake. For more information on Oklahoma fishing license visit Fishing License issued in Texas To fish all Water of the Red River along the Texas- Oklahoma or Texas-Arkansas boarders a person must comply with the licensing requirements of Oklahoma or Arkansas as applicable. A person may fish with a valid Texas fishing license from the Texas bank from Denison Dam to Shawnee Creek. In Lake Texoma a person may fish the respective Texas and Oklahoma waters with the appropriate license from the respective state or may fish the entire lake with a Lake Texoma fishing license. For more information on Texas fishing license visit PHOTPHOTPHOTO PRO PRO PRPROVIDOVIDOVIDOVIDED BED BEED BYYY GREGGREGGREG LUTLUTLUTHERHERHER PHOTO PROVIDED BY STRIPEREXPRESS GUIDE SERVICE PHOPHO PHOTPHOTPHOTTO PRO PRO PRO PROVIDOVIDOVIDEDED BED BYY GREGGREG LUTLU HER PHOPHOPHOTOTOOTT SUPSUPSUPS PLIPLIPLIP EDEDDE BYBYBY STRSTRIPEIPER ER XPRPRESSESS PHOTO SUPPLIED BY STRIPER EXPRESS BOOK A TRIP TODAY Produced in Cooperation with the Oklahoma Tourism Recreation Department