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8 THE FISH OF LAKE TEXOMA - A N G L I N G O P P O R T U N I T I E S Free-flowing current in the Red River makes Texoma one of the few lakes in Texas with a self-sustaining population of striped bass and one of only eight inland freshwater reservoirs worldwide where this species has spawned. A cousin of the white bass striped bass were first stocked in Lake Texoma by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1965. They began spawning in 1974. wo ke Te o BLUE CATFISH CHANNEL CATFISH R T U N I T with a self-sus wide where this oma by the Ok whee omama byy the T I E S staining species klahoma FLATHEAD CATFISH BLUEGILL SPOTTED BASS LARGEMOUTH BASS BLACK CRAPPIE WHITE CRAPPIE BLAC WHITE BASS TTED BATT D AASSASS STRIPED BASS SMALLMOUTH BASS FLATHEAD CATFISH EXCECELLLLLLLLENENENENTTT GOGOODODDD FAFAIR POPOPOOOROROROR grows relationships between people every day. Many people inTexas take this place for granted but as residents here we never will. We know what a precious resource we have here and that each day on the water is one to be appreciated. Lake Texoma is home for around seventy species of fish. The most popular are largemouth spotted white and the striped bass. You cannot omit the channel blue and flathead catfish. Catfish may be Lake Texomas best kept secret. In 2003 a fisherman caught a world record blue catfish for a rod and reel. The monster weighed in at a whopping 121.5 pounds Spring summer fall and winter are all great times to go fishing at Lake Texoma. There is not a closed season for fishing. Many people can dream of their next fishing adventure year round on this grand lady of a lake. So round up mom dad aunts and uncles and dont forget the kids. What are you waiting for Come to Lake Texoma and get a hook in the water. Many of the marinas that surround this lake have rods reels bait and boats to rent. There are also many professional fishing guides here at Lake Texoma. All you have to do is show up and be willing to catch fish on the best lake in the country So bring the family and make memories that will last a lifetime. The whole family will love it and the legacy you will leave behind will impact generations for many years to come. If youre looking for your next big adventure on the water bring your family friends work associates and everyone interested to delight in our outstanding fishing opportunities. Contact one of the many fishing guides found in the listings here in the Guide to Lake Texoma call the Lake Texoma Association at 580-564-2334 or visit the Lake Texoma Association website at www.LakeTexomaOnline. com for a list of fishing guides. Bill Carey from Striper Express Guide Service 903-786-4477 Barbara Pope and friends with 27.29lb Record Lake Texoma Striper PHOPHOPHOPHOPHOPHOPHOHPHOPHOOPHOPPHHPHOHOHOPPHOHPHOHHOP TOTOTOTTOTOOTOTOTOTOTOOOOTTT SUPSUPSUPSUPSUPSUPSUSSUSSSUUPSS PLIPLIPLP EDEDE BYBY STRSTRT EEEIPEEEEEEIPPEEPPEEEEPPPPPPPPEPEEER ER EERR ER EER ER EER EEEEER EEEXPRXPXXPRXPRXPXPXPXPXPXPXPXPPXPRXPRPRPPXPXPXPXPXPRX RXXX RXXXXXXX RRESSESSESSESSESSESSESSESSSESSSS