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48 LAKE TEXOMA Sets Records in 2015 The Texoma region besieged by drought since 2011 took an unexpected turn into flooding conditions in the summer of 2015 causing the waters of Lake Texoma to breech the spillway twice in one year. With the onset of El Nino in summer of 2015 the drought stricken watershed of Lake Texoma generally to the north and east of Lake Texoma in Oklahoma and part of Texas soaked up much water and filled the lakes which had been lower than normal in much of the region. The ongoing heavy rains caused Lake Texoma to reach water levels in excess of 645 feet msl. At 640 feet water begins to go over the spillway and even with the floodgates open and hydropower generation nothing could stop the flooding out of Lake Texoma with the ongoing torrential downpours of rain. Lake Texoma built in the 1940s for the primary purpose of flood control has managed to control fluctuating water events since that time going over the spillway just three other times since the dam was built. In 2015 the ongoing rainfall created a new record as massive amounts of water poured over the spillway to make its way down the Red River flooding property all the way to the Gulf Coast. Stakeholders authorities and legislators from all over the region worked together to mitigate the flood water damages. Visitors came from miles away to see the incredible power of the waters going over the Lake Texoma spillway. Once the floodwaters receded businesses were back to work repairing damaged property and rebuilding establishments that will provide for a new look and feel for visitors to the Lake Texoma region in 2016. Plan your visit today for an exciting adventure on Lake Texoma. From world class fishing to the enjoyment of a relaxing camping vacation a boating excursion with friends and family or touring the area for activities off the shores of the water the Texoma region has something for everyone to enjoy Contact the Lake Texoma Association at 580-564-2334 on our website at or find us on Facebook Lake Texoma Association and let us help you find your next exciting destination for exploration. We look forward to seeing you soon n e e h p l e ss gg . dd t m Pictured are Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin with USACE Colonel Pratt and Tulsa District US Army Corps of Engineers authorities.