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7 I can remember the first time my Dad took me camping and fishing. I was around 11 years old and I wasnt really sure what I was in for but I was excited to spend time with my Dad. Today watching father and son groups on fishing adventures warms my heart and brings back happy memories. The truth is kids are usually quick to pick up the tricks of casting a lure effectively. These special times in childrens lives on the water camping and spending time together as a family are fleeting but important. Lake Texoma is a special place where many families bond and grow together coupled with the awesome pursuit of fishing. After all Dad doesnt have to be the only fisherman in the family. Our lake is known as the striper capitol of the world. Texoma was stocked with striped bass in 1965. Originally a salt water species Lake Texoma has naturally sustained the striped bass population. The lake has proven to be the perfect habitat for these magnificent fish. Lake Texoma boasts the best natural reproduction of freshwater stripers in the United States. This means there is no need to do annual restocking. Texoma offers the healthiest striper population of freshwater lakes in the nation. Stripers thrive in the lakes climate and naturally spawn every year. In fact Texomas ten-fish limit is twice that of any other lake in Texas very telling of the conditions in the water. Stripers are considered by many fishermen to be the strongest fighting fish in fresh water. Not to mention the Stripers white flakey filets are excellent table fare. How many people can say they have world class out their back door Beautiful Lake Texoma has been a bastion for world-class striped bass fishing for decades now and its important to remember what sort of resource we have in our area of the country. Texomas waters provide everything this area needs commerce tourism sport and most importantly a place to call home and its a natural phenomenon in our region. It all begins with an egg. Starting in the early spring female striped bass move into the shallow estuaries of the lake laden with eggs and nearly ready to lay them on the bottom. Its during this period that they feed heavily on everything from surface lures and flies to bugs that area washed from the shoreline to the surface of the lake. This marks the beginning of the process for the fishing on Lake Texoma and its always changing. Thats the beauty of our lake its never the same. Just ask any Guide on Texoma and theyll tell you that every day on the water is a new one. Each day provides a new type of fishing and hopefully a new catch. As the waters begin to warm the fish begin to move. Large schools of striper gather in the deeper sections of the lake battling each other for every bit of nutrition from the waters surface. This may be where Texoma gets its world class distinction. Anglers of every type and age will come to the lake for a chance at a 25-pound fish striking their topwater lure. As the seasons change so do the fish. The large schools of fish break down a bit and then hunt along the flats near the shoreline hoping to happen upon a tasty meal. Anglers can target the fish near the bottom with jigs and slabs for a good chance at success and a great day on the water. As the winter months move in the fishing takes on a larger- than-life quality. The smaller fish move to the depths and the lunkers come to the surface to feed on baitfish. Anglers and guides will key in on flocks of birds also preying on the baitfish to hunt down the ever-sought large striper on Lake Texoma. Its a constant cycle here on the lake and its such a simple thing that brings all of us together. Fishermen gather early in the mornings to discuss their tactic for the day or complain about the weather. Guides will take groups of families out for what may be their first Texoma Striper adventure. Store clerks give insight as to what lures or baits will bring in the big fish of the day. Its funny that all it takes is a striped bass unknowing to all of the buzz above the surface to make Lake Texoma as perfect as it is. Youll never find another place like it no matter how hard you look. The passion for the fishing at Texoma drives the cycle. Fathers take time to teach their children how to fish whether its with a lure bait or even a fly rod. The industry is thriving because of these small fish and it grows more than a catch it Dads Not the Only Fisherman in the Family THE LEGACY OF LAKE TEXOMA By Bill Carey Striper Express Guide Service rea washed from the shoreline to PHOPHHOPHOPHOPHOPHPHOPHPHOTOTOTOOTOTOTOTO SUPUPUPSUSUPPSUPSUPUPPUPPPPUPPPPPPPPPLPLLILIPPPPPLIPLIPPLPPPPPLPPP IPPLPLPLPP IPPPPPPPPPP EDEDDDEDEDEDDEEDEDEDEDD BYBBYBYYYYYY STRSSSSSSSSSSS IPEIPEP R ER EXPRXPRRESSESSSSSSSSESESSSSSSSSESSSSSSSSS PPPHPHOPHOPHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHHOHHOHOHOHOHOOHOOOOOOOTOTOTTTTOTOTOTOTOTOTOOOOOOOOTOOTTTOTTOTT SUSUSUPSUPSUPSUPSUSUSUPSUSUPUPSUSUPSUPSUPSUPSU PPLIPLIPLPLPLPPPPLPLL EDEDDEDDDDD BYBYBBYBYBBYBYYBYBBYBYBYY CARCARCARCACARARCACARCACARAARCARCARCARCA OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOOOLOLO KENKENKENKENKENKENKENENKEKKKKKENENNENENEEEEDEENN Y