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40 D urants high quality and affordable family-valued lifestyle is located a convenient 90 miles north of Dallas on Highway 75 and 150 miles southeast and south from both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Visit Durant and experience our hospitality and strong sense of community while enjoying our recreation and entertainment. Dont forget to include historic Fort Washita in your agenda as well. Fort Washita is located 15 miles northwest of Durant at 3348 State Road 199. Find out more about the interesting history of Fort Washita by calling 580-924-6502 or visit The Magnolia Festival is one of the largest events in South Central Oklahoma and takes place the week following Memorial Day. The 2015 Magnolia Festival opens Thursday evening May 28 and runs thru May 30 at the Choctaw Event Center with a carnival opening on Wednesday May 27. This four-night three-day festival is filled with fun and entertainment. For more information on the 2015 Magnolia Festival visit Durant is fortunate to have the headquarters of the Choctaw Nation located in our city. Many of their business enterprises operate throughout Bryan County and among the most popular is the Choctaw Hotel Casino and Resort. New construction on a 14-story tower at the Resort is expected for completion in summer 2015 with new attractions like a movie theater laser zone bowling alley food court and additional hotel rooms. As usual the casino provides 247 entertainment and the Choctaw Event Center hosts a variety of events for those of all ages along with quality entertainment acts year-round. Visit www.choctawcasinos. com for upcoming events. Durant is proud to be home to Southeastern Oklahoma State University SOSU Savage Storm a four-year regional college. SOSU enhances our rural setting by providing quality musical productions including the renowned Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival and includes an award-winning Aviation Program. While in our area be sure to pay a visit to our beautiful and charming downtown. With broad-based community support the Durant Main Street program has enhanced the original business district through working with business owners property owners partners and volunteers. Activities are abundant and theres always something happening downtown. Another asset to our downtown is the Three Valley Museum which received its name from the three rivers Red Blue and Washita flowing through our area. The museum features many time-period articles and unique exhibits. Whether you are venturing on a visit or establishing a permanent residence we invite you to come and enjoy our hospitality and quality of life. Come Discover Durant were a great place to be Article written by Janet Reed Durant Chamber of Commerce For additional information contact the Main Street Program at 580 924-1550 110 N 2nd Street Durant OK. or the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce 924-0848 business hours 800 a.m. to 500 p.m. Monday through Friday. OKLAHOMA Articlle wwrritten by Janet ReReed Durant Chamber of Commerce For aadddittional informatioon contact the Main Street Program at 5800 99244-1550 110 N 22nd Street Durant OK. or the Durant Area Chamber of Commmeerce 924-0084488 business hourss 8 00 a.m. to 500 p.m. Monday througghh Friday. TISHOMINGO OKLAHOMA T ishomingo is a dynamic small town energized by the Chickasaw Nation and their ongoing commitment to the robust economy of their historic Capitol. It is also the current home of Country Music Superstars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton who have brought their own personal touch to Tishomingos historic downtown shopping district by opening the now world famous Pink Pistol and the Lady Smith Bed and Breakfast both very popular tourist destinations. Tishomingo is home to the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge with over 15000 acres of wildlife habitat and home to the Amercian bald eagle and white tail deer. Murray State College calls Tishomingo home with a growing student enrollment and ever expanding educational programs agenda along with a vibrant campus building expansion. It certainly is one of the most beautiful college campuss in Oklahoma and is home to the 2013 College World Series Baseball Team. Tishomingo is bordered by the beautiful Pennington Creek on its south side and is currently undergoing extensive review for a possible river walk in the near future. World renowed golf course designer Perry Maxwell place his mark on Tishomingo back in the mid 1920s by designing the beautiful 9 hole Riverside Country Club now known as the Tishomingo Golf and Recreation Club. The Johnston County Chamber of Commerce is very active in promoting economic development in Johnston County and welcomes new businesses to visit and see for themselves the ever expanding business activity happening right here right now. Come and grow with us Article written by Seigel Paul Heffington Johnston County Chamber of Commerce For additional information visit Articlee wwrritten by Seigel Paul Heffington Johnston County Chaamber of Commmeercee For adddiitioonal informationn visit www..johhnnstoncountyok.oorg OKLAHOMA TISHOMINGO PHOTO BY JOHNSTON CO. 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