Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Like frat boys lifting weights before Spring Break, Lake Texoma stripers are feeding aggressively and hitting the lures with force. Now is when the striped bass are their largest. And no other fish pulls line like a striper!

Mature bass will gain as much as five pounds while the water stays cool. Current surface temperature on Lake Texoma is 45 degrees and they’re bulking up –  preparing for the spring spawn.


BILLY BROOKS with his 28lb, 37inch Texoma Striped Bass

Once water temperature hits 51 degrees or so stripers will move up-current to the Red and Wachita river inflows. They’ll seek out clear, highly oxygenated water with a bit of current, although a little murk will do if the temperature is right. There, like OU freshmen in Pensacola, they will re-enact their annual biological urges.

Given the many different sub-surface contours, temperature zones and hidey-holes of our Lake, the spawn can be active for several weeks. Fluctuations in the weather and temperature can also prolong the event. One thing is certain though – after spawning stripers are hungry!

Their migration back from the river inflows to their more accustomed space is marked by massacres of their favorite food – shad. We once counted 21 threadfin shad in the belly of a sow striper.

Currently we’re finding big fish in shallows seeking food around isolated stumps. Also on structure and humps.

Our boats are limiting out today, one with 60 fish ranging up to 18 pounds. The skies are beautifully clear and temperature in the sixties.

Join us in striper fishing heaven…