We Tweet, we post on Facebook and Instagram, and we publish our Annual Guide to Lake Texoma. From 140 characters to 54 pages, and nearly every day of the year, we are trying to get information out to the folks in this region.  There is stuff happening around here, y’all!

In the past and usually just before some holidays, we have put together a schedule of events around the area. This list gets posted on Facebook and shared time after time. It’s a good thing!  What if we keep that going?  I think we’re onto something!

So here it is, we are blogging. We blog. We are bloggers!

The hardest thing about blogging, they say, is to KEEP BLOGGING. So here is my commitment to you.  We’re going to keep these posts short. We’re going to keep them worthy of the time it takes you to read them. And we’re going commit long term to this endeavor.

Sound good?

New blog, blog post #1… Done!


Live. Laugh. Love. Lake life!

~Terri Weir, Executive Director