Medical emergencies is handled by the Love County Health Center which has four doctors on staff. We are located 110 miles South of Oklahoma City and 90 miles North of Dallas. Marietta is home to several restaurants such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Sonic and Carl’s Jr’s. Dollar Tree has a distribution center located in Marietta.

City Services consists of sanitation, streets, parks and recreation and cemeteries. This department is led by the Director of Operations and two supervisors with six employees. Dept. of Corrections work release inmates are also utilized within this department. The City owns and operates a Transfer Site for individuals and business to dispose of their solid waste along with residential twice a week pickup. The City has four parks located in each section of the City for the children of Love County to enjoy. There are two cemeteries that are owned and operated by the City. Both cemeteries are located SE of the City. The water system is operated by a Public Trust and there are currently three wells that serve the City.

The Marietta Municipal Court serves the citizens of Marietta through the efficient processing of misdemeanor traffic and non-traffic offenses as well as parking violations. These charges may be filed by police officers, and other city officials such as animal control and code enforcement.

For more information:
Love Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 422
Marietta, OK 73448
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