We have caught, and are still catching, a mess of fish this summer on Lake Texoma! Not as many striper as normal, but we have a record number of really nice sized Sandbass that have filled my cooler these past few months. These bigger Sandbass are a blast to catch on medium action gear using slabs, swimbaits, and topwater plugs. The recent cooler weather has made our time on the water even more enjoyable. The cooler air temperature has cooled water temperatures and the fish are loving it. Sandbass are schooling up on topwater and there are days where we will catch well over 100 fish. Hunting season has started, and the kids are back in school, so now is the time to get on the water and give those birds and kids a break!! Fall Fishing is right around the corner….

 Lake Texoma is well known for the late Summer and Fall Fishing action. As the water cools, the Sandbass and Striper will move into shallow water feeding on shad. These fish will gorge themselves on bait in the next few months in preparation for Winter and their yearly migration upstream for the spawn. Soon we will be catching them in the shallows on big topwater lures and swimbaits….I love catching them in shallow water, you can really feel the bite good as they hammer the lures in shallow water and make a run for the deep water. I am already catching some Sandbass in the really shallow cooler water. Those shallow water big Striper will show you what they are made of, and you better be prepared! 

As the Fall season deepens, our seagulls will show up and help us pinpoint big schools of deeper water fish in the main lake. This is prime season for catching fat Striper. With the record number of shad that we have in the lake, these fish will be some of the fattest and healthiest we have seen in a while. They will be growing quickly this Fall. The set up for this fishing is slow rolling a Sassy Shad or Fluke on spinner head jigs….one light bite, set the hook, and it’s game on!! Fighting big fish out of the deep water back to the boat is a memory that will not soon be forgotten!

So how about a trip on Lake Texoma?

I fish from a big comfortable 26′ boat designed and built specifically for guiding. All my rods and reels, both spinning and baitcasters are up to date, and I only fish with the hottest lures typically hand crafted from local lure makers. As usual, I will properly clean all of your fish, completely removing all the nasty red meat that can ruin the beautiful taste of the Sandbass and Striper white flakey meat. This red meat removal is an important step in preserving the filets for good table fare. While I am cleaning your catch you all can fish from my dock where we can catch HUGE catfish and crappie. I’ll clean those for you as well.

I am looking forward to this late Summer and Fall fishing with you all on Lake Texoma. I take great pride in finding fish, teaching you all how to catch them, cleaning them properly and most importantly, making sure you all have memorable trip!!

Tight Lines Everyone!
Capt. Stephen
Call or text 972-816-6000