Those of us who live, work and play around here once thought that the Texoma shore was the place where the lake meets solid ground. But, thanks to Blake Shelton, nowadays the words ‘Texoma Shore’ mean so much more than that. And the words are rolling off the lips of millions of people who aren’t even sure where we are.

Blake may have grown up about an hour away in Ada, Oklahoma, but apparently his heart is right here at our magnificent lake. He loves this lake so much that he built a house right on its shore. And, amazingly, he recorded an album in that very house. And then, even more amazingly, he went and named this album ‘Texoma Shore.’ Wow! Texoma has quickly been added to a lot of vocabularies out there!

Blake has also impacted the local community of Tishomingo in ways I’m not sure we will ever really be able to measure. And Tishomingo is a well deserving community for such a blessing. The history of this lovely town is rich and interesting. Blake’s new restaurant, ‘Ole Red,’ is right in the heart of this wonderful small town. The town has risen to the occasion. There are several interesting boutiques, antique, and knick knack shops to wander through to enrich your experience. The Chickasaws have built a lovely Visitor Center right in the heart of Tishomingo. There’s a cute retro movie theater and a nice Dairy Queen full of delicious treats. You can make a fun day trip out of a visit to Ole Red or stop at Ole Red on the way to Lake Texoma and discover so much more. The Texoma Region is vast and offers everything from camping and fishing to casinos and shopping.

So, thank you, Blake Shelton! Thanks for helping to build our economy and thanks for putting us on the proverbial map. And, by the way, thanks for winning the honor of ‘People’s Sexiest Man Alive’ too. The more publicity you get, the more we get, and well, Lake Texoma is a pretty great place and big enough for everyone!

Y’all come on down to Texoma Shore! And if you need any help planning your perfect vacation, give us a call. We can help!