The Lake Texoma Association is a group of stakeholders in the Texoma region that support the mission of the LTA to protect and preserve Lake Texoma, as well as promote the entire Texoma region. If something is in the best interest of our lake, then you can bet that LTA is behind that plan every step of the way, with the cooperation of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, regional Chambers of Commerce, and individual businesses and stakeholders. The Lake Texoma Association is very much like a chamber of commerce, but with one major difference… the very diverse membership. Not just an organization of businesses and business people, LTA is made up of all types of concerned individuals who want to keep Lake Texoma the superb recreational and business area it is today.

Accomplishments of the LTA

  • LTA was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma on December 13, 1954.
  • The LTA’s mission is to protect and preserve Lake Texoma and the surrounding region, as well as promotion of the entire Texoma region in Oklahoma and Texas.
  • LTA was the driving force behind the 1988 addition of recreation to the lake’s official purposes giving recreation equal footing with flood control and power generation.
  • LTA was also instrumental in the forming of the Lake Texoma Advisory Committee, a planning commission consisting of members from congress.
  • Corps of Engineers, LTA, agriculture, water commissions from three states and recreation entities from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.
  • The LTA works with environmental, wildlife and educational entities to research the cause and prevention of Golden Algae, Zebra Mussels, Mud Crab and other invasive species.
  • LTA helped to secure funds to restore Lake Texoma recreational areas, numerous hazard buoys, flood control and hydropower infrastructure and to bring facilities up to modern standards with Recovery Act funds.
  • LTA continues to monitor and oppose legislation which would allow excessive chloride removal from Lake Texoma and the Red River.
  • LTA continues to support legislation which would provide independent tests to show gasoline supplies containing more than 10% ethanol will not pose a risk to the environment and boat and recreation engines.
  • We continue to be concerned about the claimed benefits and actual overall taxpayer costs of E-10 ethanol fuel including over 40 cents per gallon federal subsidies.

Lake Texoma Association Staff

Terri Weir, Executive Director

Brandi Burkhalter, Assistant Director

Terri Weir is the Executive Director for the Lake Texoma Association. Previously, she served on the board of the LTA, worked with the office staff and managed social media. Terri’s family owns Buncombe Creek Marina and they have been actively involved in the LTA for 30 years.  Brandi Burkhalter serves as our Assistant Director. Brandi worked as a program coordinator for several years and holds a master’s degree in Native American Leadership from SE. Brandi’s husband serves in the National Guard and she has two children.

Lake Texoma Association FY17 Officers & Board of Directors

Executive Board

President – Will Bain – BancFirst, Madill, OK
Past President – Jason Cottingame – Grandpappy Marina
Vice President – Marsha Cordle – Tanglewood Resort & Conference Center, TX
Secretary – Kristie Cannon – Tishomingo Chamber of Commerce
Treasurer – Carolyn Fajardo, CPA

Board of Directors

Bill Ptomey – Coldwell Banker VanMeter Select, OK
Gigi Rhoten – HydroHoist Boat Lifts, TX
Christie Bliss – Highport Marina, TX
Rick Lemon – Cedar Mills Marina & Resort, TX
Ed Mathews – Bridgeview Marina & Resort, OK
Carolyn Fajardo, CPA – Madill, Oklahoma
Kristie Cannon- Tishomingo Chamber of Commerce
Lindsay Harber – Eisenhower Yacht Club
Angel Green – Chickasaw Nation Dept. of Commerce

Advisory Board

Chris Duroy – Marshall Co. Commissioner, OK
Greg Johnson – Associate Judge, District Court
Edward Phillips – Citizens for Lake Texoma, OK


Join the LTA

2018 Membership Application

Business Membership Benefits

Lake Texoma Association Business members receive:

  • Increased Advertising and Marketing Exposure
  • Cooperative Advertising Opportunities throughout the Texoma region.
  • Networking opportunities: Monthly board meetings, membership meetings, social events and fundraising activities.

National Exposure

The Lake Texoma Association endeavors to promote Lake Texoma and the surrounding region which attracts thousands of visitors and new businesses to the Lake Texoma area, thereby increasing the economic viability of the region annually by:


  • LTA markets to prospective tourists by providing tourism information to attendees at many of the countries best attended boat, sport and travel shows.
  • The Lake Texoma Association distributes 65,000 copies of The Guide to Lake Texoma. These are made available at all Texas and Oklahoma Travel Centers, the LTA Information Center, area Chambers of Commerce, regional events and shows as well as individuals.
  • LTA participates in media advertising in several formats including national magazines, multi-state newspapers, billboards, commercials, and travel publications.

Governmental Affairs

  • LTA works with federal and state lawmakers and agencies on legislation which could impact the Texoma area’s economy and environment.
  • LTA maintains ongoing relationships with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Oklahoma Wildlife and Conservation and the US Coast Guard.


Lake Texoma Promotion and Protection

The purpose of the Lake Texoma Association is to promote and protect Lake Texoma. Your business interests are enhanced through Lake Texoma Association’s activities such as:

  • Marketing efforts to increase tourist travel
  • Assisting in the development of additional tourist attractions, events and nature activities
  • Providing a forum to identify and solve area problems all around Lake Texoma
  • Providing a vehicle to unify and coordinate community efforts in the two-state area, including the coordination of local Chambers of Commerce

Lake Texoma Association also serves as your legislative watchdog and works at both the state and federal level on issues of concern to the Lake Texoma economic community.


Contacting the Lake Texoma Association

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Call Our Offices toll free at (855) 452-5346 or locally at  580-564-2334

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